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Brand new numbers taxed around so it paragraph should never be nonexempt less than some other part, subsection, otherwise part of it part

Brand new numbers taxed around so it paragraph should never be nonexempt less than some other part, subsection, otherwise part of it part

(i) Disgusting receipts of mobile correspondence qualities offered to a customer with a place off no. 1 play with external that it State;

(iv) Terrible invoices out-of property service provider becoming a dose carrier bringing mobile communication functions to some other family service provider’s buyers.

With the purposes of which part, “charges for mobile correspondence functions”, “customer”, “house supplier”, “mobile communication characteristics”, “host to prie definition like in point 239-22.

(7) Taxation to the insurance coverage makers. Abreast of people engaged due to the fact a licensed producer pursuant in order to part 431, discover hereby levied and you will shall be reviewed and you will built-up a tax comparable to 0.15 per cent of income in that respect passion.

(8) Tax into the receipts regarding sugar work for costs. Upon the brand new amounts gotten on the United states bodies of the people manufacturer of glucose (or perhaps the producer’s legal affiliate otherwise heirs), since discussed under by virtue of your Sugar Work out-of 1948, just like the amended, and other Serves of Congress of the United states connected thereto, there can be hereby levied a taxation of one-1 / 2 of you to per cent of one’s terrible amount gotten; so long as the fresh taxation levied hereunder with the one number very acquired and also paid to a different by a company on the function away from a benefit payment is reduced by the people or persons so you can whom the quantity is largely disbursed, therefore the producer in fact to make an advantage percentage to another will be entitled to allege with the producer’s come back an excellent deduction from the fresh gross count nonexempt hereunder in the amount of extent very disbursed.

Through to everybody interesting otherwise continued inside the Condition on providers regarding casino betting, given that authorized under chapter , the latest tax is comparable to % of one’s disgusting money of your own team

[(9)] (10) Tax on other business. Upon every person engaging or continuing within the State in any business, trade, activity, occupation, or calling not included in the preceding paragraphs or any other provisions of this chapter, there is likewise hereby levied and shall be assessed and collected, a tax equal to four per cent of the gross income thereof. In addition, the rate prescribed by this paragraph shall apply to a business taxable under one or more of the preceding paragraphs or other provisions of this chapter, as to any gross income thereof not taxed thereunder as gross income or gross proceeds of sales or by taxing an equivalent value of products, unless specifically exempted. “

” 237-29 Remittances. All the remittances of taxes imposed from this part is produced by the currency, financial draft, take a look at, cashier’s check, money buy, otherwise certificate off put to your workplace of your own department off taxation to which new return try carried.

This new agencies will point their receipts therefor into taxpayer and you may will pay the moneys to the state treasury because the a state realization, as leftover and you can taken into account due to the fact provided with legislation; provided that:

(1) A sum, not to exceed $5,000,000, from all general excise tax revenues realized by the State shall be deposited in the state treasury in each fiscal year to the credit of the compound interest bond reserve fund ; [ and ]

(2) A sum f rom all general excise tax revenues realized by the State that is equal to one-half of the total amount of funds appropriated or transferred out of the hurricane reserve trust fund under sections 4 and 5 of Act 62, Session Laws of Hawaii 2011, shall be deposited into the hurricane reserve trust fund in fiscal year 2013-2014 and in fiscal year 2014-2015; provided that the deposit required in each fiscal year shall be made by October 1 of that fiscal year[ . ]; and you can